Crimson Vortex(Book #2) Update/Reflection

Years prior to “The Twilight Legacies: The Sixth Eye” getting published, I read my manuscript hundreds of times and found my story lacking. My protagonist was almost fully developed, yet the story lacked a certain element. After having an epiphany, I incorporated my own paranormal experiences into the storyline and hero. Thus, transforming the entirety of the novel into the epic novel that it is now and as the sequel progresses, I see the same aspect of the paranormal that enriches the ever-thickening plot of Book #2(Crimson Vortex). I hope you will enjoy the latest revision and excerpt from “Crimson Vortex.”

Chapter I

You are of the Nine that remain…”

The restless Colonel Ross awoke frightened, disconcerted and overwhelmed by the vision he had just had only moments ago. A phantom sensation still lingered in his extremities, as if his mind still processed what he had just witnessed. What does this all mean? He asked himself as he climbed up from the cot in the dark cabin and then straightened his black uniform, tapered with gold and silver trim on his cuffs and collar glistened in the recessed lighting. The officer walked across the small cabin to the small porthole and aimlessly gazed at the infinite river of hyperspace. Still emotional from the experience, he endeavored to collect his thoughts and visions.

The words spoken to him seared his very spirit, but he knew that Edonai was with him when his eyes fixed on the Ceruutai and he pulled shimmering weapon from its scabbard. He studied the intricate characteristics of the blade, numerous markings were engraved on both sides of the blade and also the hand guard down to the hilt. He recalled the day when he stood before the Triad Council so many ages ago, handing over the sword as a token of goodwill. Images flashed of his journey home, the great pillar of fire that scorched the lush world of Kedarin, the horrific screams of his kin and a woman, full of anger with hair the color of the crimson.

Startled by the voice of the Triad pilot in the depths of his mind, “Colonel, we should be arriving in system momentarily.”

“Understood.” Y’raiden replied telepathically, he then made his way up to the forward section of the gunship.

The Legacy-class gunship exited hyperspace with incredible speed and darted towards the world of Nyr’kazhjaak. The giant bluish-green planet orbited a quadruple star system roughly five-thousand light-years from IMC Space, two earth-like moons orbited the huge jungle-planet, along with a smattering of starbases providing a heightened level of defense as a small feet of Mageddon-class destroyers jumped into hyperspace. A Nurii glider patrol approached the Triad ship and after a brief dialogue, the vessel was escorted to the surface of the planet. 

Copyright(C) 2013 By M. J. Stoddard. All Rights Reserved.


About Author M. J. Stoddard

I am a husband, father, musician, writer, graphic artists and 1st Dan in TKD, Soke and co-founder of Bastress Stoddard Hogosha Samurai Karate Jutsu; formerly Samurai Guardian Elite Combative Martial Arts. I also enjoy reading various genre, including science and astronomy, Ancient Alien theories, sci-fi/fantasy, paranormal and historical and speculative fiction. I am also the author of sci-fi/fantasy novel 'The Twilight Legacies: The Sixth Eye Special Edition' published through this year, now currently working on numerous projects--including the Book #2 of The Twilight Legacies epic series. "The ultimate fighter does not rely on his hands or feet to defeat his opponent, but rather his mind." - M. J. Stoddard
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