The Twilight Legacies Universe

The Twilight Legacies Universe

Sample stories and previews of THE TWILIGHT LEGACIES SERIES; which includes sample from THE SIXTH EYE(Book #1 and #2) Crimson Vortex and and illustrations from sci-fi/fantasy author M. J. Stoddard.


About Author M. J. Stoddard

I am a husband, father, musician, writer, graphic artists and 1st Dan in TKD, Soke and co-founder of Bastress Stoddard Hogosha Samurai Karate Jutsu; formerly Samurai Guardian Elite Combative Martial Arts. I also enjoy reading various genre, including science and astronomy, Ancient Alien theories, sci-fi/fantasy, paranormal and historical and speculative fiction. I am also the author of sci-fi/fantasy novel 'The Twilight Legacies: The Sixth Eye Special Edition' published through this year, now currently working on numerous projects--including the Book #2 of The Twilight Legacies epic series. "The ultimate fighter does not rely on his hands or feet to defeat his opponent, but rather his mind." - M. J. Stoddard
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